Sound IX: O, my spirited soul, Take me to the zenith of thy spiritedness,

O, my spirited soul,
Take me to the zenith of thy 'spiritedness',
No drugs, no flesh; no smokes, no drinks;
I live without them, for I need them not,
That, thy spirit makes me spirited and vivacious.

Lonely, but with the company of an unknown entity of my ‘other’,
I stand on the shore of a vast and wide vessel of water.
The mysterious hallows hide the secrets of life.
The zephyr caresses my face when I close my eyes.
I feel like I'm flying.

Shelly sings an ‘Ode to the West wind’ and
Prays his soul to take him high,
Above the daily trifles of humanity
And cultural pretensions.

Then fall down upon the thorns of his life.
I don’t want to fall down on the thorns of my life,
Like Shelly wanted, and lament on the cultural and
Intellectual frameworks of the society which ignored him,
I need to be the wind, singing the herald of life and soul,
I will kiss the entire world with my life and soul.

Life’s beautiful,
Each day and each moment it makes me anew.

I’m flying high, high above your head and
I’ll meet your soul.


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