Sound of Voices V

Will you remember me?’
I said:
‘I will.’
She asked:
‘But How...? Oh my god! How would you remember me! You haven’t ever seen me. How will you remember me?’
‘Your sign is there everywhere around the globe!’
She asked with pain:
‘Around the globe? … Why are you flattering me?’
I said:
‘I’m not flattering you.’

“Your sign is there everywhere around the globe.” I looked at her again and again. Each time I looked, she became a celestial body of luminous anticipation. Everything else around me was changing , she was my constant universe, and it seemed as though it was a constant constellation of madness, love, beauty, hopes and anticipations; she was crowned the queen of that vast tranquil and luminous celestial universe which was drawn into mine. Time was trapped within the monstrous vacuum of eternity and disentangled into the fragments of memories and dreams. The infinity carved the picture of her and it started to bleed, my heart was torn apart into pieces of her memories and fragments of thoughts. Somewhere far from the imaginations of a non-being, the zephyr carried the songs of Rumi and it lulled the celestial world of mine.
“You’ve so distracted me,
your absence fans my love.
Don’t ask how.
Then you come near.
“Do not . . .” I say, and
“Do not . . . ,” you answer.
Don’t ask why
this delights me.”


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